About Us

Established March 27, 1980, The Shopper  is a weekly publication that is offered FREE to our readers. Our distribution area is centered around Montague County. There are 13,899 papers printed with 12,034 papers Direct-Mailed to addresses in Montague County, as well as Bellevue and Alvord, Texas, plus another 1,515 papers are on stands.

The Shopper Personal Classified Ads start at $6 for 15 words. (ex: Selling personal items like a car or a refrigerator). Commercial Classified Ads are $7 for 15 words on anything business related. (ex: Animals For Sale, Hay For Sale, Real Estate, Babysitting, Housecleaning, Etc.) These are pre-paid prices. Garage Sale Ads are FREE, as long as they are 15 words or less.

The Shopper Display Ads are available in a variety of sizes. The 1×1 size is the smallest size available all the way up to a 6×21 full page.  Please contact the Shopper about display ad pricing.  We have ads as low as $3 per week. 

We offer consecutive multiple-run discounts also.

The Shopper also inserts Flyers, Circulars, etc. There is a minimum of 2,000. We will insert by zip code, part, or full circulation.

Call for pricing and distribution today!

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